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How it works

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Organisation and practicalities

Explanation of how the session is set up.

You may have had a drone filming event before so you have an understaning. If this is your first time then here's some really helpful insights.


What you want from the day.

Obviously you want the best experience - great video and pictures! There are some other priorities though. Whilst filming the drone must operate within guidelines - not going too near people not involved in the event. There has to be a detailed look at the site where the drone will be operating - looking for associated risks and restrictions. A lot of detailed information can be got from Google maps. Sometimes there needs to be a visit beforehand.


The drone can't go up when too wet and windy - a decent weather app will help. If the weather does turn bad then the drone will have to be landed. Also permission is needed from the owner of the land where the drone takes off from and lands.


This is obviously paramount. If something unexpected happens during filming which could endager people or property then the Drone will be landed straight away. Sometimes there is a need to barrier off certain areas beforehand so that people not involved can't enter. Have a look at some of the Drone Flying Regulations which sets out some of the do's and don'ts