Norwich Drone Hire


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NDhire is Commercially insured for £1 million public liability.

Operator is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and holds current A2 CofC qualification


These are from the Civil Aviation Authority

OK then - the Drone cannot fly over anyone not involved in the filming. Involved means they have personally agreed to be filmed and had the dangers explained and what to do in an emergency.


Horizontal distance from people who are not part of the event

The drone can't get any closer than 50 metres horizontally to people who are not involved in what is going on. For those who are invoved then it's fine. The Drone can't fly any higher than 400ft - which is very high anyway. The operator must always be able to see the drone at all times. 500 metres is the furthest away the drone can be from the operator.


Checks that need to made

If the shoot is near a flight path then the relevant local air traffic controller will need to be contacted and also the police to make sure all is in order.